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Wedding flowers - Excited or Confused ?

Oh, the pleasure of it all,  venue, ideas, dresses, bridesmaids, colours.  A time of indulgent pleasure in an infinite number of mood boards,  until you are bouncing around on the mountain tops with creativity.  Or, are there those sneaky moments where you feel completely at sea ; you are supposed to be talking to a supplier about their service - nervous of seeming naive or fear being taken for a ride ?  Result, you shove it to the bottom of the list hoping that some miracle will occur and it will sort overnight by some elvish means .  Only the bad news is you go from simply avoiding, to having no choice and make a panic buy just to get it done. Budget goes out the window and that dream wedding arch turns to dust. 

Busting a few myths.  Lots of To Be Weds really don't have a bunch of confidence around the flower patch. Let's be frank, why should they ? Most don't have a florist's or gardener's training . Many have a sense of what they like or what leaves them flat, but ask them to put it all together and they melt to jelly ending up resorting to the very tired and tested.  So take a leaf out of the Best for Brides Guide and find a lovely florist to be your flower power. Someone who gets your style, dream and venues feel and can help you wrap up the whole floral design thing whilst keeping the stress minimual to boot .  

So beginnings ; expectations !  Not every florist is going to be 'your florist' . Just as every dress you try on isn't the ONE.  They have expertise, expertise that has a STYLE underwriting what they do well. If a florist says they can do anything, then you may find they do a good job, but somehow it isn't fizzing or extra glorious.  You want your florist to be as passionate about your wedding flowers as you are , after all they are heads up in the happiness stakes as they revell in flowers most of the day.  Give your florist their creative freedom coupled with your brief and it should rock.  Don't be disappointed if a florist says it's something they think another florist would be better at. Instead, take that they care enough to be straight with you and ask for a recommendation. They'll  usually know someone singing the same tune as you which at the end of the day is much more fun.  And it is supposed to be fun.

So help yourself and when you sense you've found your Flower Power set up an appointment. At this point you are just opening the book and throwing some ideas around. Remember it's their profession where time is money and some may charge whether you book them or not to do your flowers. After all you are there picking their brains for ideas, so it's a fair deal. Knowing what you don't want is half the battle after all.  Ask first to avoid awkwardness and it won't leave you embarrassed finding you need to cough up.

How do you get the best out of the appointment ? If you've got images , colours chosen, noting dislikes, pictures of your venues , date or season of the wedding , style of your dress and if feasible fabric samples , a list of your basic requirements is always a help .  A good florist wants to get a sense of what makes that happy ticking sound for you both and really makes your day.  Some florists will meet you at your venue so you can walk around, others save that for a later consultation if you book. Coming with an open mind helps with the creative process and may well serve you budget wise too.   Whilst asking a florist to replicate something for you is one option, it means you restrict yourself to copying some else's bouquet and eliminates the unique creation that is rightly yours to cherish.  So trust, take a risk, and ask what would they suggest , how might they interpret your brief.   You can then walk away on air knowing you've made a smart move . Brilliant. 




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