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And the love affair with flowers began....

A lazy bee hummed under an antique silk plum parasol. A kind aunt stuck an overheated small me in its shade. Air heavy with Rose and Tobacco plant scent drifted past and it's just as if it were an hour or so ago.

So was born Inky & Grace, arranging flora with a poetic heart. Creating graceful floral pieces. Exquisite, opulent, scented journeys made with love for you. Beautiful blooms both sustainable and local. Hand dyed silk ribbons, sumptuous velvet, or quirky artisan pieces just add to the fun. Inky draws inspiration from the wild moors and the raw rugged coast of her Devon home , making your flowers unique: be it for weddings, sympathy or other occasions.

Bring the call of wild poetic flora into your life with Inky and Grace by your side. 

Flora for Funerals

" All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks

Are life eternal : and in silence they

Speak happiness beyond the reach of books

There's nothing mortal in them: their decay

Is the green life of change: to pass away

And come again in blooms revivified...... "

                                                                            John Clare 


Loss. We understand that it can be a bewildering time, so lovely flowers that are simple to organise and speak from the heart is comforting.

 Inky arranges flora for caskets, tributes from family and friends and for wake venues. We can provide flora suitable for Natural Burial Grounds as well as other locations.

 We provide an individual approach to the person and their family and don't have a 'standard offering '.  Whether in person, or by phone we are here to discuss how  the flowers can reflect your loved one's life story. Flowers in favourite colours whether gentle or vivid, perhaps they were a keen vegetable gardener,  fond of herbs, party goer, or a traveller with a zest for adventure. There is always something special that can be done and often with locally grown blooms . 


  " How people die remains in the memory of those who live on "   

                                                          Cicely Saunders (  Hospice movement founder ) 

Sometimes people want to be involved with arranging their own funeral . 

 Inky’s own  mother, with a lifelong passion for all things green, mused in her last months about what she would like and shared it with us. At a time where little could be done and the outside world and garden unreachable for her, it was a positive and soothing occupation. These are moments we now treasure. 

Inky welcomes the opportunity to come and discuss what is wanted and provide flowers when asked. 


Please do contact us to discuss your wishes on  07778543608