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And the love affair with flowers began....

A lazy bee hummed under an antique silk plum parasol. A kind aunt stuck an overheated small me in its shade. Air heavy with Rose and Tobacco plant scent drifted past and it's just as if it were an hour or so ago.

So was born Inky & Grace, arranging flora with a poetic heart. Creating graceful floral pieces. Exquisite, opulent, scented journeys made with love for you. Beautiful blooms both sustainable and local. Hand dyed silk ribbons, sumptuous velvet, or quirky artisan pieces just add to the fun. Inky draws inspiration from the wild moors and the raw rugged coast of her Devon home , making your flowers unique: be it for weddings, sympathy or other occasions.

Bring the call of wild poetic flora into your life with Inky and Grace by your side. 

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" Ebbing and flowing,

Life's like the path through the woods,

Seasons bring change "

               ( Rambling in the Garden ) 

Inky has never had a large enough vehicle to fit with an obsessive love of collecting plants and gardening.  Always 'arty' she nevertheless  had a long successful career as a therapist. When the chance to delight in flowers arrived it was simply impossible to resist... 

 Inky now spends time creating sublime, outrageous and flirty flora in Devon and beyond indulging a love of travelling. Always ready to walk the path less worn and enjoying something a little different to bring more fizz to a party.

Loving the South West , treading the paths up high, sailing on the water along the coast , always getting a kick from the world's wild places. In company with family, beloved spaniel Hamish and a good fruit cake life always has something to get tickled by. 

So the  floral snips are at the ready and the kettle is on and we would be delighted to flower your special event.

Call to get flowery and save your date:

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